Press release: French Presidential election

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Stand Up for Europe calls on French voters to choose the pro-Europe candidate

French voters decided to send to the second round of the presidential election Emmanuel Macron, candidate of the En Marche movement and Marine le Pen, candidate of the Front National.

This will be a confrontation between opening up to Europe and the world, on the one hand, and retreating to anti-European nationalism, on the other.

Emmanuel Macron is the only candidate who, from the beginning of his electoral campaign, put Europe at the heart of his proposals. On the contrary, Marine Le Pen built her campaign on the exit of France from the European Union and the euro, as well as the closure of borders.

Now it is necessary to block the ideas of rejection represented by the nationalists of the Front National, which would put an end to the construction of a Europe of progress and peace.

True to its objective of building a federal Europe, in which the values of humanism and progress would lead to:

  • a Europe that protects its citizens,
  • a Europe that is a global power, capable of speaking on an equal footing with the other major world powers, such as the United States, Russia and China,

Stand up for Europe calls on French voters to reject the ideas of regression and hatred propagated by the French extreme right and to choose the candidate of hope for Europe, Emmanuel Macron.

May 3, 2017

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