Press release: Death of Helmut Kohl

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Stand Up for Europe greets the memory of a great European Federalist

Chancellor of German unity, Helmut Kohl has always been a great European.

Considering that Franco-German friendship is the keystone of community integration, he participates as a high school student in symbolic actions on the Franco-German border.

He will be a major player in the Franco-German “engine”, represented by Troika Helmut Kohl, François Mitterrand and Jacques Delors, then President of the European Commission.

Together they accelerated European integration, culminating in 1986 with the signing of the Single Act.

Under his authority, the German Presidency of the first half of 1988 will be decisive, thanks to the development of the majority voting procedure rather than unanimity, to the Council of Ministers, and to the personal commitment of Chancellor Kohl, in particular, in the resolution of the budget crisis. He will be an ardent supporter of the Maastricht Treaty.

Chancellor Kohl went so far as to show his faith in European federalism, obtaining, in 1994, that the CDU formally proposed to France to constitute with the Benelux a federal hard core with its own constitution. Unfortunately, France did not respond to this proposal. He was one of the first to propagate the idea of ​​a dual identity, national and European.

Chancellor of German reunification in 1990, Helmut Kohl was able to firmly anchor Germany in the European Union and popularize the introduction of the euro at the expense of Deutschmark, despite the reluctance of the german people.

Stand Up for Europe greets Helmut Kohl as a symbol of a strong will for community integration.

He may be called a “Father of Europe”.

June 16,  2017

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