Stand Up For Europe Convention Results

(04 November 2017)

The elections for a new executive board have been postponed.
The old board has resigned, but it is still responsible for current affairs.
An electoral committee was set up to plan and ensure proper elections for a new executive board within 3 months as of today

The two lists present at this convention agree that:
1.  Elections will be postponed;
2. An electoral committee will be established, which will be specifically mandated to:
a) Set out an electoral procedure, namely by establishing the framework on the following issues:
– electoral timeline;
– eligibility of candidates and voters
– voting procedure, including physical and electronic options;
– authorization of proxy votes;
– composition of board lists.
b) Schedule the board elections, once the mentioned procedure is adopted.

3. The electoral committee will be composed of 5 members, which have been agreed by both lists:
– Giorgio Clarotti (Chair), Hélène Decottigny, Alain Deneef, Sonja Stuchtey and Peter Willisch.
4. Discussions which take place by the electoral committee, as well as its decisions, will be
communicated to all members, in accordance with democratic principles of full transparency and
5. The decisions of the electoral committee will be taken by consensus, and if this cannot be
reached, by voting majority.
6. The mandate of the electoral committee is valid for 3 months as of today and, in case, should
automatically end upon the inauguration of the elected board. The elections will be held within this
7.  In the meantime, the current board resigns and will only be responsible of current affairs until
the new board is inaugurated. The current board should not interfere in the functioning of the
electoral committee.
The present motion was read out loud and approved by acclamation.

Done in Munich, 4 November 2017

Members of the electoral committee
Hélène Decottigny
Peter Willisch
Giorgio Clarotti
Alain Deneef
Sonja Stuchtey