Ahead of final French Presidential elections: Pro-European movement “Pulse of Europe” on Sunday in Brussels

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Ahead of the second and final round of Presidential elections in France, the pro-European movement “Pulse of Europe” in cooperation with Stand Up for Europe organises its next event on Sunday, 30 April 2017 at 14h​ in Brussels.

Topic for this week´s event is: “Restons ensemble – Now is the moment – Time for democracy in France and Europe!”

As usual the event takes place in the heart of Brussels at 14h at the “Place de la Monnaie” (opposite the opera)​. Keynote speaker for this week´s event will be the Belgian intellectual and entrepreneur Alain Deneef, member of the executive Board of Stand Up for Europe, ​who will speak among others on the upcoming French elections and the Future of Europe.

“If we do not go to the streets now, when then? France – and thus all of Europe – is faced with the biggest challenge since the 1930´s. We have to oppose racism, exclusion and hate with a democratic and loud answer”, says Thorsten Petrowski, one of the organisers in Brussels.

Angela Tormin, another organiser added “In France, but also in many other European countries, we see that democracy is in danger. We want to face this threat with a clear, open-minded approach based on human rights and laws. Too much is at stake that in these times we could stay at home and just do business as usual”.

“Pulse of Europe” is a citizen’s movement which does not belong to any party or other organisation. The movement, which is now represented in more than 100 European cities, has its origins in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it was founded by a married couple who decided to actively send a positive message in support of the European Union. Everyone is welcome to join the demonstrations. Following speeches at the beginning, anyone who wishes to speak is welcome to do so via the open microphone. Every demonstration ends with the European Hymn, the Ode to Joy.

Stand Up for Europe supports the Pulse of Europe initiative and joins the event !

Please see here the ten points of Pulse of Europe: http://pulseofeurope.eu/?lang=en


Press contact: Laura GIES +32 483703014

www.pulseofeurope.be / www.pulseofeurope.eu

Facebook: facebook.com/PulseOfEuropeBelgium/

Twitter: @PulseOfEuropeBE

Mail: Brussels@pulseofeurope.eu

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