The list of members of Stand Up is circulating against the will of the newly elected Board, being used and abused by people who have no legitimacy to use it. We do whatever we can to make ourselves compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation.


Stand Up for Europe is a movement of citizens reclaiming their hope in a better future, something that only a united Europe can provide in a world where our countries have become too small to matter.

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Alain Deneef

Alain Deneef

Belgian, President

Independent board of directors and a coalition builder. He has had a long career at the helm of big corporations. He is now a consultant in urban design and public policies. He serves on the board of numerous associations in the domain of citizenship, education and sport.

Luca Polidori

Luca Polidori

Italian, Vice-President

Expert in social and political communication and student at the VUB. He has been the leader of the team of Bologna and the web strategist at Stand Up for Europe from December 2016 to September 2017, a period during which Stand Up became the most important pro-European organization on the web.

Benjamin de Vanssay

Benjamin de Vanssay

French, Secretary General

Holds a Master in Law and has a strong interest in European business and tax law. An active member in Stand Up since 2014, he is the co-founder of Students for Europe and coordinator of the Back to School+ project. He is currently the Secretary-General of the Belgian think and Do Tank E-Change.

Faedran Bourhani

Faedran Bourhani

Belgian-Iranian, Treasurer

Law student at the Antwerp University who started both the local student- and city-teams for Stand Up. He loves exploring places and getting to know new people.

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To become the pre-eminent pro-European citizen’s movement.

  • A citizen’s movement and not a political party.
  • a Think-And-Do-Tank, developing policies and original content.
  • Bringing together people from the right and from the left, but all united in a vision of a federal Europe.
  • Truly pan-European and working grassroot.
  • Joining other movements on concrete actions.


Appeal to the members to get the ideas on how to improve the governance and the strategic positionning of the association :
  • Online consultation
  • Strategic reflection sessions
Organize a new General Assembly in autumn 2018
  • Adoption of new bylaws and of a new internal structure aiming to improve the
    participatory process of the association and to enhance its grass-root character.
  • Appointment of new Board members to enhance the diversity within the Board.
  • Approval of the accounts, voting of the budget and discharge of the current Board


  • Create a more rigorous editorial policy
  • Attract a team of content creators
  • Boost Le Nouvel Européen
  • Be much more active on traditional media
  • Regain the growth rate we used to have on social media
  • Students for Europe (extend and and connect to the city-teams)
  • City-teams (give legal and financial autonomy, integrate in concrete projects)
  • Support Committee (extend and mobilize)

a.o. via the expertise of the members of the Support Committee


Give the association the true financial means of its ambition, a.o. via the King Baudouin Foundation and its pan-European philanthropic network.


Back to School+

The objective of this project is to leverage the wealth of knowledge that resides within the thousands of retirees from the various European institutions to educate our youth about the values and importance of the European project.

The Art project

Done in partnership with Bozar (one of the most important cultural institutions in Europe), the objective of which is to have many artists working together to create a composite piece of art symbolising the value of collaboration

The ECI: Welcoming Europe

This European Citizens Initiative has recently been accepted by the European Commission and is being launched at full steam throughout the whole of Europe. Check the website!