Stand Up For Europe

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Stand Up for Europe is a movement of citizens reclaiming their hope in a better future, something that only a united Europe can provide in a world where our countries have become too small to matter. Stand Up for Europe unites citizens from across Europe who are ready to stand up and build such a better future through a more democratic and federal Europe, a Europe closer to the people and better able to tackle global challenges.

april, 2018

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We are developing our movement at a city-level to bring Europe closer to the people.Europe is often seen very far from the people. One way to change that is to create strong and direct link between what is done at European level and what is done in our neighbourhoods, in our cities, where each one of us can take action as a citizen.

Because cities is where it all happens. Cities are hubs where people meet, create, innovate and tackle key global challenges (e.g. climate change, migration, economic crises, security) as well as local ones (e.g. social inclusion, health, education, unemployment). Cities are places where people strive to be happy living side by side and sharing common public spaces. Cities are also places where inclusive identities can flourish on the wealth of the cultural heritage, traditions and resources that each individual can bring regardless from its origin and way of life.

Because cities are our history. Cities have also been laboratories for democracy and political evolution throughout history: the city-states in ancient Greece (e.g. Athens, Sparta), the Maritime Republics in Italy (e.g. Venice, Genoa, Pisa) or the Hanseatic league in Northern Europe (e.g. Hamburg, Lubeck) are just some examples of how cities played a crucial part in our shared histor.

Students for Europe

Since 2015, Stand Up For Europe has spread within universities where “Students for Europe” groups are being founded. The first academic circle was established in St. Louis in Brussels. It is essential to have youth teams involved in our federalist project and in the processes needed to achieve that project in a responsible way. We know the future of Europe is the youth of today. These young activists organize conferences, debates and animate the students’ lives.

The Students For Europe Political Research Platform is our digital platform aimed to join the forces of univiersities’ groups from around Europe to study the future we want for Europe’s youth and to facilitate the development of new groups.

Feel free to join us in our actions!